The Power of a Pretty Presentation

The Power of a Pretty Presentation

Ah. The dreaded PowerPoint Presentation.

At one point in everyone’s life whether in an educational or professional setting, they find themselves falling asleep to a poorly constructed Power Point Presentation with the same banal ingredients:

1) Generic screen designs with odd geometrics vaguely resembling early 90’s commercials.

2) Masses and masses of thick, packed text with which the presenter insists on reading every. Single. Mind-numbing. Word.

3) And who can forget the presenters themselves: droning in monotone, reading every word off the slide, looking at you with their glazed over eyes, everybody thinking the same thing—“How soon will this be over?”

You have inevitably been subjected to one of these tedious presentations yourself and dare you admit it—even been the presenter yourself upon occasion. No matter how this world changes and develops, one thing always seems to stay the same: people need to communicate information to other people. There’s no rule that says this information must be communicated well or in a manner that is in anyway engaging. Just that someone needs to tell something else.

Who are these people who need to communicate information? Bright-eyed students presenting on Philosophy and Lady Gaga, droning lecturers on Linguistics, coworkers presenting a new business deal, Hollywood producers pitching a new idea, your twelve-year-old son communicating why he should be able to drop out of school.

Presentations—like food and music—transfer across cultures, age groups, socioeconomic statuses, and backgrounds. Presentations are the always-present elephants in the room of life: something everyone knows is there and must be looked at from time to time, but what no one wants to address head-on as to how mind-numbingly awful it is.

The elephant doesn’t really need to be that awful.

Presentations can be, should I even dare to say it …


Imagine this: a world in which you attend a meeting and Marsha gets up to present, but instead of the boring screens and massive chunks of texts, you leave that meeting feeling … feeling as if you’ve learned something. And you didn’t even check the clock every one point five seconds to see how close it was to lunch. You watched Marsha’s presentation

You enjoyed Marsha’s presentation.

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. This can be your life.

There is an entire wealth of presentation software out there that can revolutionize the way you present and receive information. Presentations that are bursting with color, movement, life. Presentations that can help you do your job and do it to the best of your ability.

The Old World of Presentations brought death.

The New World of Presentations will bring you life.

Tell it to me straight: do you really want to stare at another generic, pre-processed Power Point Presentation again and slowly feel your brain cells disintegrating one by one?

No. No, that’s not what you want at all. If you’re ready to change your life, if you’re ready to cast the Old World of Presentations aside and usher into a new era of light and life, then shoot Devin an email at and step into the New World of Presentations.

You won’t be disappointed.

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