Mastering Social Media: Lingo

Mastering Social Media: Lingo

Hi there! I’m Haley and my goal is to help you master social media. For my last post, I laid out the basics of the 5 main social media platforms I use and how you can use them for your business. For this post, I want to explore some basic social media lingo that you may have heard. Let’s get started:

A post is anything you put up on a social media platform, whether it’s a long ranting commentary on Brexit for Facebook, a 140 character tweet about the annoying lady in front of you in Starbucks, or that super cute Instagram pic of you and your sister at that new restaurant.

This is how you let someone know you “like” their post. Facebook has given you a few extra options (I’ve never used them; call me old-fashioned). Twitter has a different name for it, but it’s all essentially the same.

This is how you go by on your social media platforms – other than Facebook (which just goes by your name). It doesn’t have to be the same for each platform. For example, my Insta username is @haleybear3, Twitter is @hbeastley, and Snapchat is @hbeastly. Mix it up or stick with what you like. You can always change it.

The cute little faces and symbols you can use to express your feelings. Various social media sites (like Facebook and Snapchat) have “stickers,” basically super elaborate emojis.

A meme can really be anything: a photo, film still, still clip from an animated show, or an illustration. They mean something and that one thing: an emotion, a stereotype (like the uncool dad), or anything else. Tack this meme on a situation that is relevant and you’ve successfully used one.

So, your “friends” don’t really have to be your friends. This is the term for people you follow or people who follow you on Facebook and Snapchat. The conversation goes like this “Are we friends on Facebook?” If the answer’s no, you exchange Facebook profiles. If you later realize you don’t want to see this person’s rambling extremist posts showing up on your feed every day, you can block them later.

Followers are the same as friends, but for Insta and Twitter. So, the conversation goes like this: “Do I follow you on Instagram?” And so on and so forth.

Shade is when you or someone else is being real sassy, but maybe subtly. This particular action of being sassy is known as “throwing shade.” It’s visual equivalent is the side-eye.

Tagging someone means you attach their name or username in the picture or tweet that you post.

Instagram filters are a lousy way of editing your pictures and everyone usually does it with a different app anyways now. Snapchat filters are where all those weird dog-ear pictures you’re seeing on the Internet come from.

This stands for “direct message.” In nearly all social media platforms, there’s a way to send a message to one person or a select group of people directly. If you send a message to an individual it’s known as DMing them. It goes down in the DMs.

This is the picture of you that everyone sees when they visit your page on any social media platform. Yes, you do need a profile pic – and a good one. In a day and age of smartphones, having a bad profile picture is just lazy and near impossible. Having no profile pic is a sure way to let people know you’re a creep.

If something’s trending on social media, it means it’s a topic everyone is currently talking about – breaking news or a funny meme that’s gone viral. They both trend at equal paces.

Remember the pound symbol (#)? Yeah, that’s called a hashtag now and it’s used in a variety of ways, some very smart and subtle. You can use it to tie yourself to a larger “feed” or a collection of hashtags. Example: you’re exploring LA, take a picture, and post it on Instagram with this: #exploreLA.

You can also create your own hashtag for an event. Events like ComicCon, Oscars, or even the opening of your local grocery store will use tags like #SanDiegoComicCon2016, #OscarsSoWhite, and #localgrocerystore.

You can also use hashtags to drop shade. My favorite? #sorrynotsorry

If this was helpful, check out my last post – or stay tuned for more posts on Mastering Social Media.

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